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We have been working in various enterprise IT positions for more then a decade when we decided in 2015 to combine our experience in a single place - progressIT GmbH.

Portrait of Mr. Stefan Haas

Dipl.-WirtInf. (FH) Stefan Haas

Stefan is a long-term VoIP and telecommunication expert. As project manager and VoIP business analyst, Stefan is helping major European telco providers to integrate their backend systems with the new VoIP world. In addition, his diploma in business information systems enables him to bridge the gap between business and IT people.

Portrait of Dr. Sebastian Stein

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Stein

Sebastian is an expert for enterprise software. He worked as software development manager in global software product companies. Sebastian has been a researcher in a leading European research project in the telecommunication domain. In his PhD thesis, he defined how to implement business processes on large service-oriented software (SOA) stacks.

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